WPwith.us’ unique service allows you to install a WordPress website on your server at the click of a button,
quickly and effortlessly! After choosing the automatic installation – you will receive by email your access details to your new website and to its management system.

Furthermore, within the server itself, you will be able to install as many sites as you want, manage backups and recover any site quickly.

As a WPwith.us customer you get a lot more than just storage – this is a complete evelopment environment dedicated to WordPress, in which are includeda variety of templates and leading premium supplements  – all to help you create advanced websites that fulfill their purpose perfectly. We "live and breathe" WordPress and are always at the forefront of this technology so as to provide you with steady access to any system renewal or update.

You can scale with no limitation: all of our packages are scalable, i.e. not limited to disk volume or traffic volume. So regardless of your site’s storage size,
you can always count on our servers to keep you online – with high performance and availability.

Tired of ordinary storage companies that don’t really have a clue about WordPress?
Want to join a dedicated environment for WordPress run by experts?
Send us your existing server access details and we will handle the site transfer for you at no cost – and as quickly as possible.

You only need to change your site’s domain reference towards our domain – and your site is already at its new home…

Our pricing structure ensures you will always enjoy best price/performance.
You do not commit to any minimum period, plusthe payments of one year,
two years or three years are all provided with respective discounts of ten,
twenty and thirty percent, for every package deal! Additionally,
you are not purchasing a pig in a poke: the first month of every package is always provided at no cost and with no credit card information needed.

Included in every WPwith.us storage package are unlimited domains and email boxes.
Naturally, we are are strong believers, in open source – thus WPWith.us allows you to build as many sites as you like and at no additional cost regardless of the storage package!


As a WPwith.us customer you enjoy Servers adjusted and accelerated especially for WordPress;
Servers that are online and operate optimally with 99.9% availability,
so that your website runs quickly with no crashes, bottlenecks or overloads.
Additionally, you enjoy 24/7 support through email, Skype, Facebook and via the management system, so that you are always in good hands.


When you using WPwith.us you are working with CPANEL –  the most common and advanced server management interface in the world.
This interface features, for example,  an e-mail management system, domain management, backup, recovery, replication system,
plus a system for managing all your sites, and much more – all accessible at the touch of a button.
Using CPANEL you can build as many sites as you like – completely unlimited!


Regular Backup is performed per each site.
WPwith.us automatically backing up each site on a daily, weekly and monthly basis –
all in addition to a parallel cloud backup operation covering three preceding months! Therefore, in any possible reconstruction case – it can be done at the touch of a button.